In my village there is a primary school. About 350 children should go to school here, but for many this is not possible. In actually rich Nigeria, there are often still severe poverty and high development needs and especially children are suffering from the difficult circumstances. Parents take their children out of school to save money, and instead the children have to go to work or beg. Many families simply can not afford a school visit and can not provide their children with food for the school day. But education is so important for the future of children and so we want to support the affected families.

Over the last few years, we have organized clothing donations and school supplies for the children. In 2017, we were finally able to start with our first large project, the school lunch, and built a school kitchen with adjacent dining room. Thanks to the support of a donation initiative by Robert Bosch GmbH and its employees, the shell of the canteen was erected swiftly. Here, the children now regularly get a warm and healthy meal. Currently, we largely finance our meals privately and are in urgent need of financial support. Even with 70 cents a day, we can prepare a nutritious lunch for a child.

The project is starting to bear fruit and the head of the school is pleased to report that for the first time almost all children return to school and are especially looking forward to having lunch together. How far has our project progressed and which steps are next?

Mensa – completion
The shell of the cafeteria is standing and the 350 schoolchildren were able to take their first meals through private financing. Unfortunately, the interior is missing, such as tables and chairs, kitchen equipment, gas stove, crockery and cutlery, and so the children still have to eat sitting on the ground; cooking is still done in my parents’ house. Some final work on the building is still to be completed, still missing are floor covering, plaster and ceiling paneling. For this, as well as for the financing of meals, we continue to rely on donations.
We calculate the following costs for the inventory (depending on the market price): 8.440.- EUR
The following costs are incurred for the completion of the building: 6.090, – EUR

Drinking Water Well

Finally done. Running water/drinking water for the children of Riverside Primary School in Umuaka Nigeria. We made it, we never gave up. Click Here

More CLick

There is no running water in the village of Umuaka, not even at school, and the drinking water for cooking, drinking and the sanitary facilities have to be bought at a high price. Therefore, we would like to build a drinking water well for the school. For this, a well has to be drilled and a filter system has to be installed. The water should be pumped up at intervals with a diesel generator (since no electricity is available) and collected in two large containers on a tank stand. Due to the height of the tank level, the water can drain off by its own pressure.
The costs for the drinking water well amount to altogether: 11.900, – EUR

School garden (biodynamic)
We create our own school garden, which is managed according to the biological-dynamic principle. Several thoughts underlie this decision:

  • Self-sufficiency: a piece of independence for the school
  • Practical Learning in the classroom: Knowledge for the future, to ensure your own survival
  • Biodynamic: healthy for people and the environment
  • Sustainable: a conscious approach to nature, which also benefits future generations

In order to be able to take care of itself in the long term, a separate school garden is being planned. Thus, the primary school has the opportunity to grow vegetables (yam, cassava, beans, …) and fruit (bananas, mango, papaya, pineapple, avocado, …) for their own consumption at low cost. This should be managed according to the biodynamic principle. This is healthy for the children and also protects the environment.
The land for the garden is provided by the school. We need donations to buy the necessary tools and seedlings.

Questions? Suggestions? – Contact us!
Do you have questions and suggestions about our work and the projects? Please get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you!

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